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Upcoming 2020


National Security Agency Information Session

“Cooperative Education students gain valuable experience while playing a meaningful role in the development of our nation’s secure communications or in the production of foreign intelligence. Programs are available for students majoring in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Cyber Security (technical track). Right from the start, you will be involved in real life projects and will have full use of NSA labs, equipment, and advanced technologies. These areas will offer you increasing challenges and satisfying learning experiences, since our mission demands that we work on the cutting edge of technology.”
14:00 pm
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Past 2020


Meet Abarca Health: Talking Tech Stacks

Wondering what #PBMAwesome is all about? Here’s your change to meet up with our Abarcan crew from Software Engineering and Talent Strategy! Learn all about what PBM does, check out the technologies helping us lead a healthcare revolution and the opportunities we have for you to join us!
13:30 pm

Host: Veronica Perez

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